Nestralilgh "Nesa" Ostraissa

"Huh, I bet this would make it better..... Nope. It just blows up"


Age 16 Years Old
Ethnicity Continental
Profession Apprentice Engineer
Social Class Urban Nobility

Advantages Brilliant, Well Read, & Major Ally
Disadvantages Fragile, Shy, & Enemy

Traits Inventive yet Socially Inept
Orientation Instinctive
Disorder Elation


Nesa’s older brother, Terent Ostraissa, was deeply upset by the loss of their grandfather and left the city shortly after his disappearance, only coming back unexpectedly and sporadically and remaining vague about his activities. According to some people, Terent has become a Varigal, but a persisting rumor has him being part of the Black Scales, a band of mercenaries or thugs operating out of Taol-Kaer. While Terent never seemed the type to associate with such folks, Nesa noticed during their last encounter that her brother’s stance betrayed a man who is used to carrying a sword at his belt.

Nestralilgh "Nesa" Ostraissa

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