Don't Drink the Water

or, going home can be a real bear

After leaving St. Nyline’s Chapel, the group crossed over into Melwan and left Loch Varn behind. Upon reaching town, everyone discovered that Manec, the ruling lord (and Saeth’s older brother), had died of fever. We went before the Council, to tell them about the horrors we discovered in Loch Varn. We also spread word or Deorn’s disgrace to Neala the bard and the local Demorthen Wailen before bedding down for the night. The following morning we saw first hand the evidence of the sickness spreading through Melwan. The old crazy hermit Ergor claimed the sickness comes from the spirits. Wailen claimed she could help the sick, but required supplies from a Demorthen named Loeg in the village of Dearg. During this time Ned got closer to the village innkeep, a lady named Maltaria. We made the trip to Dearg, spoke with Loeg, and collected the supplies for Wailen. We spent then night in a roadside shrine only to be awakened by the sound of a disturbance outside. Father Ean rushed to the doors, to confront the noise, and was rewarded for his passion with a mountain of bear claws. The rest of the party moved forward and put the bear down. It, too, was taken with the sickness that was afflicting the village. This got Nesa to thinking and when they returned to Melwan she examined the town well with her fancy goggles and determined that there was Flux in the town’s water, which was likely responsible for the sickness in the region. Gossip around town is that the miller may be responsible. Upon meeting with Lady Mac Lyr, we have been charged with finding the source of the sickness.



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