A Miner Inconvenience

Charged with finding the source of the town’s sickness and avenging some douchebag named Manec (Saeth’s brother), our group decided to travel up the Nuarranta river to examine the rumors about the blacksmith, the miller, the hermit, and the Magientist. As the group was leaving Melwan, they heard a cry of distress nearby. The group decided to investigate the cry before leaving and found Naelan, an old friend of Ned’s. He was showing signs of advanced, as far as the group can tell, Flux poisoning. After talking briefly with him, the group decided he was too far along to help and left him to his fate. The sight of the man’s death caused the two followers of the One god to weep uncontrollably – most likely because they’re the only ones with feelings.

The group set off north to begin their investigation at the mill. On the way, Ned and Ninel’s sickness caused unpleasant experiences such as hearing whispers saying “pestilence” and possible hallucinations. Upon arriving at the mill, the group was greeted by an unusual lack of activity. The group met Irvin, the miller’s son-in-law, who explained the sicknesses at the mill. As the group went inside to meet the rest of the family, Ned saw Maltaria who said “The world will be awash in darkness.” The miller, Goater, denied any involvement with Magientists on account of it being too expensive. However, Nesa did find evidence of amber Flux on the mill’s waterwheel blades, likely from moving contaminated water from upstream. The group decided to head off up the river when Joben, the miller’s son, mentioned that he’d seen two large men lurking in the woods near the river. Joben had also seen a screaming, badly injured man running through the woods, chased by another man.

The group left for the Magientist’s house, but on the way, Ninel heard the gears of a factory and saw an amber glow in the distance. When she reached the glow it was gone. The group made it to the Magientist’s house where they found two mercenaries who claimed Talacien was off doing research. Thinking the Magientist’s water source was safer than that from the river, Ned decided to fill his water pouch with water from the well where he saw the reflection of his dead family. Getting little other information from the mercenaries, the group set off for the hermit’s shack.

Arriving at the hermit’s shack, Ned saw Maltaria who told him that Ergor “knew the truth.” Ninel heard a voice that said “the ancient one speaks the truth.” Ergor’s hut is badly kept, his garden filled with badly deformed plants and amber in the soil. The hut walls were covered in writings that Ninel and Ned thought they recognized but just couldn’t quite make out. Ergor also claimed to hear voices but otherwise, he was of little help so the group kept on marching upstream of the river.

As the group traveled up the river, the riparian environment showed unusual signs of poisoning similar to that of Ergor’s garden. The group heard a humming noise and saw two large men and a man working an unknown machine. Ned sneaked behind the small group while Father Ean called for them to halt, but the man appeared to work faster. Not sure of the urgency of the situation, Father Ean and Nesa sprang into action to stop him. In the blink of an eye the group was in combat when Nesa decided to attack the mercenaries rather than the Magientist. The Magientist made a run for safety while Saeth ran after him to try to talk to him. After dealing with the mercenaries, the group talked to the magientist Herven who told the group that Talacien has been acting strange lately. He also told the party that he and Talacien were working to clean the water of the Flux but decided not to tell the town about the danger of the water. The machine he was using was designed to remove the Flux from the river and capture it for use.

The next day the group sent Herven and the remaining mercenary back to Melwan to warn the town about the water. The group made their way upstream to discover the source of the Flux poisoning. Eventually, the group found a cave; outside of the cave was a pickaxe covered in Flux. Ned and Ninel felt compelled by their respective hallucinations to walk towards the source of the Flux but at the last moment gained control of their bodies before falling into a pit. Further into the cave, the group saw a amber-colored hand print. After traveling further into the mine/cave, Ned realized that the miners were digging vertically, which is unusual; therefore, the miners must have been working with some direction to find the Flux. The group found the source of the Flux and as they were thinking of a way to plug its flow, Talacien appeared above them with four mercenaries. Talacien threatened the group but Hervin showed up to try to defuse the situation. However, Talacien ordered the mercenaries, who were hesitant to follow his orders, to shoot Herven. Fortunately, Father Ean and Saeth were able to keep Herven’s wounds from being fatal. After the mercenaries shot Herven, Talacien appeared to come to his senses and expressed remorse for his actions.

Then four giant lizards showed up, but were fought off by the group and the mercenaries. The group talked Talacien into coming with them to explain the situation to the town, but upon returning, they found the town aflame.



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